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samlander Jul 27
There is consensus that the current skyblock is too easy because of all the shop, helper commands, and fly.

It has been proposed that we spin up another skyblock server that is more of a challenge. At present, i propose it only contain the following features:


- Cobble Only Generator

- Challenges

- Island Level

- No fly

On the maybe list is mcmmo. Do we want mcmmo on the hard skyblock?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments.

iiSoulfully Jul 27
I think that a more simple skyblock should take the place of the current one in general. That sounds like a lot more fun, especially without fly. 

Mcmmo - I don't really have a preference for that. It's always a cool feature to have though. But if the point is to make the gameplay more difficult then keep it out. 

ZACH1219 Jul 28
I agree with the stipulations that Sam has dictated. I think that no fly is number 1 and no shop being right behind it. I'm a little lenient on the cobblegen, but if we want a true hardcore skyblock then I'm all for it. I have suggested in the SKyblock Server that maybe give people more incentive to progress thru the challenges by giving them permissions the further they progress in the tiers. For example after you complete the first tier (Novice) you gain access to /back. For the second tier you gain 1 /home. and so on. so that by last tier you can gain the ability to /fly or /fix because you've essentially beat skyblock and now just build to further surpass others.

Also I suggested that Robin build a custom starter island and I guess instilled the idea of creating other custom starter islands. Mari has joined in on this cause as well. I have attached a nether island schematic in the Skyblock Discord channel that is from ASkyblock and it is a very challenging nether island situation. Only thing that needs added is an end portal setup and I suggest it be added to the very bottom of the Nether world. That way people have to figure out a way to reach it safely as that is supposed to be the end game, pun intended. But I really would like to have more of a custom feel to our skyblock than others have.

Lastly, I'd like not to add MCMMO but more importantly the treasures aspect of the plugin.I know skyblock is more about afk play and grinding, but I'd rather have more of an equal playing field. The further you progress in MCMMO the further you stray from normal gameplay. Instead what I suggest is maybe a timed event that when x amount of players are on for y amount of time then a care package can be accessed that gives you a random chance for stuff like building blocks or resources or enchanted tools. This way the player has to be on to be able to claim the prize and it, in theory, draws more people to play instead of afk all the time. I will search for a plugin that describes what I am talking about and attach to this thread. Another feature I'd like added would be a PVP arena. The ability to go a few rounds with your friends or settle a dispute would be nice Also you could hold contests once a player base is established that would reward the last survivor a set of enchanted tools or resources like minerals or ores. LAstly, I'd like to see the range between islands be reduced from 400 away to 100. This way everyones islands are close so we can maybe do some literal island hopping? That and you can see how everyone is progressing and you can check up on the status of where you are in relation to everyone else. I know I'm a gluten for competition but if I see someone is doing something better than me I like to figure out a way to beat them haha.

I hope to be able to play on the hardcore skyblock server soon. I really dont care if anything gets added or taken away but my number concern is NO FLY OR NO SHOP!!! haha. That and more of a community feel instead of separate islands. So hopefully thiese suggestions get read and maybe discussed before any action gets done in creation. But let me know when it's created so I can start grinding haha!
samlander Jul 28
I am getting the feel that those who want a challenge do not want mcmmo which I am fine with as it will add to the challenge. I like the idea of adding commands upon completion of challenges and will be open to what that will look like aka zach firm up your proposal and we'll see that added into v 1.1 (i'll leave it out for the original launch to speed up deployment and we can add it in soon after)