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Haden Laskey
Haden Laskey Jun 23 '17
I, I_Am_Darkness am here by placing a bounty on TrueSolace. I am placing this bounty on him because he abused a glitch at my grinder, to kill me and steal my items, and then ran into a no combat zone and stopped me from killing him. Sam said that it was perfectly fine and didn't give 2 flying fucks. Whomever can give me the cords to TrueSolace's base of operations will receive $750,000, and if they kill TrueSolace and give me all of the items in his inventory, they will receive $1,250,000. *HE MUST HAVE MY SWORD IN HIS INVENTORY FOR THE $1,250,000 TO BE VALID!*

Good luck, and to TrueSolace, I am coming. You can run, but you cannot hide, and I will burn you alive. 

Samlander34 Jun 30 '17
You were given back your sword, by me, and i told you to put this to rest or there would be consequences.

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