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iiSoulfully Jul 20
Hiya! ~ 

I'd like to suggest getting the marriage plugin! This could be any many servers honestly, but more for survival preferably. 

This would give players the ability to marry their significant other or their best pal in order to get a variety of cool perks. Such as being able to instant teleport to each other, gift each other, set a common home, create a private chat with each other and more! We have had this plugin in the past which was a great hit, plus they updated it to have even more awesome features! 

Link to plugin -

PS. The picture is for cuteness ^^

  robinmari.jpeg (158Kb)
samlander Jul 25
the picture is cute... cute enough to repost under your photos on your profile :)
samlander Jul 25
marriage plugin is now available do /marry for commands

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